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Barbie Careers - Noodle Bar Playset with Doll, Workstation and Accessories, COLLECTIBLE, PLAYSET

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With the Noodle Bar Playset, Barbie doll inspires young chefs to be creative in the kitchen and hone their culinary skills! Playset includes Barbie doll, noodle-making workstation, 2 dough containers (one white and one green), bowl with lid, extra bowl for eating, play knife and 2 pairs of chopsticks To get the noodle-making started, take the white dough from the container, put it in the hole in the middle of the workstation and put the bowl with lid over it
Ideal For: Girl
Minimum Age: 3
Skillset: Social Skill,Creativity & Imagination,Memory Building,Problem Solving,Curosity Building,Analysis & Critical Thinking,Speaking skills
Material: PLASTIC
Battery Type:
Rechargeable : Select
Content in Package: Playset comes with BarbieĀ® doll, noodle workstation, 2 containers of dough(white and green),play knife and 2pairs of chopsticks