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Sluban Happy Farm Building Block Toy M38-B6017, CREATIVE, EDUCATIONAL TOY

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Educational Block Toys Happy Farm building block toy presented to India is brought by Sluban to cater to the affordable building block toys lovers. This toys brand brings to young kids unending source of fun and entertainment with its exciting range of billing block toys. With its focus on creative engagement and proper understanding of Childs expectations the brand has been Europe’s favourite building block toys brand. The brand invests heavily in designing top quality building block toys made from high-quality plastic. The constructive toys by Sluban are suitable for children of six years of age and above. These building block toys help in developing better cognitive skills, rotory skills and excellent eye and hand coordination in young children. Educational Block Toys Games Happy Farm M38-B6017 By Sluban is part of Happy Farm theme based building block toys game set offered by Sluban. It consists of 42 pieces of building bricks with a mini figurine and cute pig toy. It also includes small yellow trolley which can be used to transport things from one place to other place. The advantage of mini figurine by Sluban is that its head and hand can be rotated. The colorful assortment of building bricks facilitates easy learning and fun activity for your child.
Ideal For: Boy & Girl
Minimum Age: 3
Skillset: Social Skill,Creativity & Imagination,Memory Building,Problem Solving,Curosity Building,Analysis & Critical Thinking,Sensory Development
Material: PLASTIC
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Rechargeable : Select
Content in Package: 42 PCS