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BARBIE Doll House Playset (Multicolor)

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Barbie doll is ready to welcome all kinds of stories in this adorable Barbie dollhouse with indoor and outdoor play features, portability (the rooftop doubles as a handle) and easy fold-out and fold-up action. Inside the colorfully decorated home, a kitchen cooks up fun with a built-in sink and stovetop, plus a flip-down island and two chairs for dining. A flip-down bed in the bedroom is cozy with a soft patterned blanket. And a bathroom has a toilet with working lid. Outside, a pool that can be filled with water, decorative plant and hanging lantern "lights" are trendy touches. Barbie doll wears a versatile dress and shoes to fit all occasions.
Ideal For: Boy & Girl
Minimum Age: 3
Skillset: Social Skill,Creativity & Imagination,Memory Building,Curosity Building,Analysis & Critical Thinking,Sensory Development,Speaking skills
Material: PLASTIC
Battery Type: No Battery
Rechargeable : Select
Content in Package: 1 DOLL HOUSE