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Minions Whistling Choo Choo Toy Chair for Kids (Multicolor) ASSORTED

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Stong & Durable: This Minions Whistling Choo Choo Chair for Kids features metal body frame and a strong wooden base. No Assembly Required: The chair comes pre-assembled. Multi-Usage: The Minions chair can be used for study, reading, working, writing, breakfast etc. Whistling Sound: The Minions Whistling Choo Choo Chair for Kids produces a great whistling sound whenever a child sits on the chair. This attracts the kids a lot. Ideal for Gifting: Minions is very popular among the kids. This set is best for birthday gifts
Ideal For: Boy & Girl
Minimum Age: 1
Skillset: Social Skill
Material: METAL
Battery Type: No Battery
Rechargeable : Select
Content in Package: Width: 35 cm Height: 55 cm Weight: 0.37 kg