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DON 2 Think Tank Games The Vault Strategy & War Games Board Game, OFFICIAL MOVIE MERCHANDISE, GREAT

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Unleash your competitive streak with this strategy based game that will require you to summon the best of your wit and tact. Inspired by the blockbuster film, Don 2, this board game from Think Tank Games is a great way to sharpen your logical thinking skills. The objective of the Think Tank Games The Vault Board Game is to be the first to guide your Don to the vault. This is certainly not as simple as it seems, as your opponent will use the 8 landmines to obstruct your path, as you try to stop him from being the first to reach the vault. Suitable for boys and girls who are aged 8 years and above, this game is a great way to train your strategizing abilities and a cool activity to keep oneself occupied with. Two players can participate in this game of logic, tact and strategy, where you will have to carefully consider your every move to beat your opponent and win. The Vault Board Game makes a great gift for fans of Farhan Akhtar’s famed Don films, or even Shah Rukh Khan fans. The dimensions of this fast-paced, fun-filled game are 21.7 x 21.7 x 4.2 cm, making it a compact strategy game to keep you and a friend occupied during a long journey or a dull night. Stop your opponent’s Don from breaking into the vault before you do, in this thrilling game of deception, logic and intuition.
Ideal For: All
Minimum Age: 8
Skillset: Social Skill,Creativity & Imagination,Memory Building,Problem Solving,Curosity Building,Analysis & Critical Thinking,Sensory Development
Battery Type: No Battery
Rechargeable : Select
Content in Package: 1 Board Game Box